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About Weed Control


Weeds thrive under the harshest conditions. Unfortunately, they also do extremely well in good environments that are plentiful in nutrients. For this reason, our hot climate produces a great habitat for Texas weeds to invade healthy lawns.

Fertilization plans without weed prevention or eradication can inhibit the growth of weeds. However, weed control uses either a preventative (pre-emergent) or selective (post-emergent) treatment to kill and prevent them.

If existing weeds are invading your lawn, we can get rid of them with post-emergent products that kill the weeds but are safe for the grass you want to keep!

Our Weed Prevention Services


Weeds in Texas are the bane of most people’s existence who like to keep a nice lawn.

Using pre-emergents applied at just the right time, we prevent weeds in the lawn so they never even germinate and pop up.

Any weeds that do make it past this preventative barrier or are already existing are killed during our fertilizing treatments or other types of treatments throughout the year. So weed control in the lawn is included even when we aren’t on your property specifically for that!

Texas Weeds We Prevent & Eliminate

We prevent many different kinds of weeds in your lawn including:

  • Dallisgrass
  • Nutgrass / Nutsedge
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Much more…
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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our weed control and prevention services.

What kind of weed killer do you use?

We use different weed killers depending on the time of year in which there is a weed problem. Typically, in the fall and early spring, pre-emergent weed preventatives are useful and in other times of the year, post-emergent weed killers are our go-to for weed control.

Are your treatments child and pet-friendly?

Yes, we just ask that children and pets stay off the lawns for about an hour, or until the treatment has had time to dry.

Do I need to keep my pets inside?

Yes, pets will need to be kept inside until about an hour after the treatment has been applied.