Lawn Fertilization Services
in College Station, Texas

Professional lawn fertilization services and schedules inspired by Neil Sperry’s best practices.

About Lawn Fertilization


Water and sunlight aren’t all your lawn needs. It also needs food through Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). These elements are present through natural processes of broken-down plant material and organisms; however, a thick and hearty lawn receives the correct amount of nutrients on a consistent basis and at the appropriate feeding times.

Lawns may not receive the nutrients they need to grow green and lush due to many reasons. This could include invasive weeds stealing nutrients, lawn diseases, or a lack of organic decomposition throughout your yard.

Furthermore, organic decomposition that occurs in your yard could be too high in a certain nutrient that isn’t optimal to your lawn’s growth. For this reason, it’s important that each particular lawn receives the correct amount of nutrients for its area.

A Custom Fertilization Approach


As the College Station lawn care experts, we closely follow Neil Sperry’s best practices and schedules for lawn fertilization and weed control. In addition, we use our own local, custom blends of fertilizers we have made to our specs for the soil in our College Station area!

We’re not your everyday, run-of-the-mill fertilization company. We treat each lawn uniquely depending on your lawn’s shade cover, current condition, soil composition, and type of grass.

This custom approach to each lawn is why we pride ourselves in being the local expert professionals in lawn care.

Whether applying a granular treatment or a liquid treatment, we always use carefully calibrated spreaders and sprayers to ensure uniform application across the lawn. Our customers take comfort in knowing that their lawn is receiving the correct amount of nutrients at the right time of year.

Our Steps to Fertilization

Every lawn is unique, from the surrounding shade to the type of grass, to the current condition it’s in. We use a regimented fertilization structure and schedule that’s tailored to your lawn.

  • Quote and Lawn Assessment
  • Determining Custom Blend
  • Optimizing Fertilization Schedule
  • Instruct on How and When to Water
  • Routine Assessments
Fertilization and Weed Control Services in Bryan - College Station, Texas

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Have questions about our professional lawn care fertilization services? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How long should I stay off my yard?

We typically recommend staying off your yard for about an hour, or until it has had time to dry. Sometimes that is not long at all in our Texas heat!

Is lawn fertilization child and pet-friendly?

Yes, some of our applications are safe immediately and some treatments we ask that you wait about an hour or so for the treatment to dry before playing on the lawn.

Who is responsible for mowing and watering?

We pride ourselves in the science behind growing. For that reason, we stick to understanding and improving your lawn’s nutrition, which means you will be responsible for the routine maintenance and watering of your lawn.

However, after each application, we will give you clear instructions on how and when to properly water as well as what lengths and how often to mow your grass. If you have a current lawn maintenance provider, we will make sure to coordinate with them so we don’t interfere with each other’s services if it is going to be a problem.

If you would like to also have your lawn maintained, we are more than happy to refer a reliable mowing and general lawn maintenance company.

Will fertilization services prevent weeds?

Yes, absolutely. Thickening the lawn up through fertilization is a great way to keep weeds chocked out. Our goal is to make your lawn so thick that the weeds can’t find a place to grow!

My lawn company says they fertilize. What makes your program different?

Fertilization, weed control, and lawn health is a science, which is why we devote our full attention to it. A company must be licensed by the State of Texas to apply anything more than a standard lawn fertilizer; even weed & feed. You can tell if your lawn care provider is licensed if there is a little, blue, oval sticker on the driver’s side of their vehicles. Even if your lawn care provider is licensed to apply weed and pest control products, our treatment plan is a full-service operation that strives to prevent problems before they ever arise and are custom-tailored to your lawn and its susceptibilities, which is not typical of most lawn care providers.

Lastly, if problems do arise, or you have questions about your lawn throughout the year, you know with The Fertilizer Guy, you have a company that specializes in lawn health exclusively to answer your questions.