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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer mowing services?

We do not. Our focus and areas of expertise are in lawn care such as fertilization, weed control, and disease prevention. We devote 100% of our time to this because cultivating the perfect lawn is a science and needs to be treated as a specialty.

My lawn company says they fertilize. What makes your program different?

Fertilization, weed control, and lawn health is a science, which is why we devote our full attention to it. A company must be licensed by the State of Texas to apply anything more than a standard lawn fertilizer; even weed & feed. You can tell if your lawn care provider is licensed if there is a little, blue, oval sticker on the driver’s side of their vehicles. Even if your lawn care provider is licensed to apply weed and pest control products, our treatment plan is a full-service operation that strives to prevent problems before they ever arise and are custom-tailored to your lawn and its susceptibilities, which is not typical of most lawn care providers.

Lastly, if problems do arise, or you have questions about your lawn throughout the year, you know with The Fertilizer Guy, you have a company that specializes in lawn health exclusively to answer your questions.

Will you communicate with our mowing or landscaping company?

Absolutely. At the end of the day, we want you to have the perfect lawn. If we need to communicate with your maintenance or landscaping company on when to mow or when to have your sprinkler system run, we will. The last thing we want is for your maintenance company to mow your lawn 2 hours after we fertilize.

Do you let me know when you're going to apply a treatment?

Yes. We will send you an email the day before we are on your property applying the treatment. That way, you can be prepared to keep off the lawn until the application dries. If there is a rain or other weather-related delay, we will also communicate that to you.

What if the treatments aren't working?

Then we will keep coming back until it is working. Your happiness over the service you’re receiving is our number one goal. If treatments aren’t working, we’ll keep refining our blend and strategy to make sure they will work at no extra cost outside of our agreed-upon treatment plan.